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Heather, born and raised in Michigan, first discovered Pilates in high school. A soccer player, Pilates was a great cross training regimen to stretch and lengthen her tight muscles. Post college, Heather pursued her love of Pilates and wellness and completed her Pilates training from BASI, studying under Meredith Rogers and Sarah Bertucelli. After completing her certification in March 2015, Heather gained experience while teaching at multiple studios and health clubs in Michigan before moving to Ridgway last summer. Heather is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals and incorporating Pilates into their already active mountain lifestyles. Heather is recently married and runs a campground with her husband and two dogs. 

Run a large line of hot glue along the inside of the folded edge of the ear.

Slip the faux fur ear onto the cardboard one (make sure the cardboard is all the way in!) and then press it into place. You'll want to push the longer area of the fur up to the edge of the fold.

(it helps if you practice this motion a couple times before you actually get the hot glue involved)

Consolidated has been doing it right since 1992. What does doing it right mean? Well pressing boards of 7 ply Maple is a good start, but what about direction? Consolidated has stayed on the noble path of being for skaters for decades. Avoiding the mall shops and boutique atmosphere and catering to those who want to simply learn the next trick.

Short, swift and utterly sick. Districts Richard Zelinka coming in hot with of 2 days filming to produce some pure fire. You can always trust Richard to deliver a video with nothing but stylish lines and some heavy bangers, he brings the good every time and this is far from an exception.

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The  YMCA of Western North Carolina  will host our Packet-Pickup as well as keep you hydrated & energized on the course!

Street Gnar - Street Gnar EPStreet Gnar - Street Gnar EPStreet Gnar - Street Gnar EPStreet Gnar - Street Gnar EP