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late 14c., "tutelary god (classical or pagan)," from Latin genius "guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth; spirit, incarnation, wit, talent;" also "prophetic skill," originally "generative power," from root of gignere "beget, produce" (see kin ), from PIE root *gen- "produce." Sense of "characteristic disposition" is from 1580s. Meaning "person of natural intelligence or talent" and that of "natural ability" are first recorded 1640s.

In this poem by Daniel Beaty, he talks about his life growing up with his father. He tells a story of how he grew up sharing a game with his father, but he eventually got taken into jail. Then, he talks up a father and imagines one.

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The Genius - Words From The GeniusThe Genius - Words From The GeniusThe Genius - Words From The GeniusThe Genius - Words From The Genius