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Throughout his career, Daniel's songs and drawings have been informed to some degree by his ongoing struggle with manic depression -- lending an added poignancy to his soul-searching times. His five-month stint with the carney left him in Austin, where he decided to stay. In the midst of that city's mid-eighties music scene, Johnston was a definite iconoclast. While he continued to hand out his tapes for free, Austin record stores started selling them; in fact, the became best-selling local releases. Soon, a camera crew from MTV's seminal "Cutting Edge" show came to town and all the Austin bands suggested they feature Daniel.

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Although the album yielded no singles, it achieved enough notoriety to create a fan base for the band. Five tracks from the 1997 compilation Death Rides a Pale Cow: The Ultimate Collection are from the album, as well as four tracks from the 1998 compilation Cream of the Crop .

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"Part Two" of the novel positions Milkman making the journey south to Danville, Pennsylvania in search of the gold that must still be in the cave. While there, he meets Reverend Cooper who knew Milkman's father when he lived near Danville as a shares tales of Macon Dead that surprise Milkman and begin the connection between Milkman and his past. However, Milkman is there to find the gold, and to find it, he has to find the land where his grandfather lived in order to find the cave. He eventually finds the land and an old house that stands upon it. In the house, he encounters Circe, an impossibly old ex-servant of the Butler family who has outlived their last descendant to view the collapse of the family and their estate. In the filthy house, she raises dogs that used to belong to the Butlers and revels in their destruction of the house. To Milkman she relates the tale of Macon Dead Sr.'s body washing up from his grave and being moved to the cave where Macon Dead's children found the gold. She also tells Milkman of Virginia, a Native American woman named Sing, and a black man whom she married named Jake. Circe makes no direct connection to Milkman's family, but plants in his mind the knowledge of his roots being in Virginia. Milkman leaves and finds the cave, but he finds no gold and only one human skeleton where there should have been two. Milkman deduces that Pilate must have retrieved the gold and took it to Virginia, so he sets off in search of it.

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The Dead Milkmen - Smokin' Banana PeelsThe Dead Milkmen - Smokin' Banana PeelsThe Dead Milkmen - Smokin' Banana PeelsThe Dead Milkmen - Smokin' Banana Peels