Ltj bukem - earth volume one - The 20 Best Free Mixes of 2015 - The world s most on-it.

Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical’s boom-bap boogie project has already been championed hard by the likes of Kaytranada, Nightmares On Wax and Soulection. Reaching album maturity, the Canadian duo paint their broadest picture on Big Luxury, an album that ranges from silky mid-90s west coast hip-hop (“Explosives”) to lavish, jazz-maxed Amp Fiddler style future-soul (“Palmreader”) via wonked-out broken beat bass (“Luv Ya”). Living up to its name in every way, Potatohead People are effectively celebrating everything that’s great about dancefloor music in the last 30 years right here. As a result it will sound great for another 30 years to come.

Bukem's music from the early 1990s onward represents his efforts to map out an alternative future for drum and bass by incorporating softer-edged influences culled from London 's 1980s rare groove and acid jazz scenes. Music on Logical Progression reveals these influences, as does his approach on 1993's Music / Enchanted , which features string arrangements and sounds from nature. His use of keyboards, live vocals and slow- motion breaks on these and future releases earned Bukem's music the tag intelligent drum and bass . While this designation caused controversy within the drum and bass community, it also influenced the popularisation of hardcore music in the UK during the mid-1990s. [4]

Steve Hackett and the Underworld Orchestra - Metamorpheus Oscar Wilde reckoned that we were all in the gutter but that some of us were looking at the stars.

Kuedo’s mixes are always a delight – see his Severant -era session for FACT, for one – and this year’s Truants  mix sees the ex-Vex’d producer extend his hand to a younger generation (Sharp Veins, v1984, Silk Road Assassins) while asserting his influence: when contextualised in a Kuedo mix, you realise just how many artists sound like him.

LTJ Bukem - Earth Volume OneLTJ Bukem - Earth Volume OneLTJ Bukem - Earth Volume OneLTJ Bukem - Earth Volume One